Wednesday, January 11, 2012

American Warbow Society, Join Us!

It's a new year and many great things are happening!

Here in America there are archers from around the country coming together to form our very own warbow socitey, the American Warbow Society!  We have the support and guidance of other warbow societies from around the world including the English Warbow Society, Dutch Warbow Society and Australian Warbow Society.

The American Warbow Society, like our foreign brethren, will be a group dedicated the study, practice, and sharing of the great English warbow.  We seek to perpetuate and keep the heritage of the English warbow alive in this day an age where archery is becoming more mechanical and technological.

There are several places where you can learn more about this great Society of archers...
  • Our general email list at will keep you informed on the Society's happenings. If you are interested at all please send a quick email to this address introducing yourself.
If you are even slightly interested please email us a brief introduction at and we will keep you informed all along the way as this great Society comes together!


    1. Hello all, my name is Rick, im glad to see that a society for those interested in the warbow is being formed here in the U.S. I live in Maryland and it is very difficult to find areas to shoot my bows. Most are just indoor ranges of 50yards or less. larger areas are private farms, and the owners dont seem to get the whole explanation of shooting at the marks. I get questions like are you hunting something? when I say no then they ask well what do you intend to shoot at? My heaviest bow is 130@31" and can send a poplar livery arrow well up to 275 yards. When most property owners hear this they want nothing to do with me shooting my bow on their land for fear I will leave stray arrows all over creation.

      1. Hello Rick!
        Sorry to hear about your troubles in regards to practising on folks' land! Everywhere I go I keep a sharp eye out for good distance shooting land. I have found many good locations here in SW Washington state but have yet had time to ask permission. I'll just stick to my own yard for now I guess, haha! That is a very impressive draw weight and distance! Im glad you share enthusiasm for the great English Warbow! If by chance you have a Facebook account look up The American Warbow Society and join us on there! It's much more active than my blog has been, haha!

        Cheers and good shooting!
        ~Cody W.

      2. rick its interesting you can match the world record with your bow, would you care to supply a few more details about the bow and arrow used... thanks

      3. i recently received a warbow 130lbs pull i'm not an avid archer but do own a recurve bow that i shoot recreation-ally. the bow is beautiful but i don't know much about it and it seems the internet doesn't have much on displaying the question is "what is the best way to hang and display the bow so i don't ruin it"