Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to make an Arrow Taper Jig for Warbow Arrows

This jig will help you taper your warbow arrows from 1/2" to 3/8" diameter.  The dimensions provided in this build along will taper the last 12 inches of your arrow from 1/2" diameter to 3/8" diameter.

Tapering the arrow serves several functions.

  • Allows the arrow to pass by the bow more easily.
  • Reduces wear on the fletching and fletch bindings.
  • Reduces the overall weight of the arrow, and makes the arrow front-end heavy giving greater hitting power.

Let's build this!

Take two pieces of plywood, MDF or other board product and cut them to be approximately 12" x 3" x .5".  I had some scrap MDF board so I used that.  These will form the slot that actually tapers the arrows.
Apply sandpaper to the boards using glue or in my case I had sandpaper with an adhesive backing.  You want to cover all 12" of the board. Leave no gaps if you need to use more than one piece of paper per board.

Now prepare a base to glue the tapering boards to.  I used another, larger piece of MDF about 9" x 14".
To draw the lines to correctly orient the tapering boards you will need a tape measure or ruler.  Find the center of the base board and mark it at one end, then make another center mark 12" down the board.
At one center mark make two marks 1/2" apart and at the other center mark make two marks 3/8" apart. Now when we place our tapering boards on the base that will line up correctly.

Test fit the tapering boards to make sure they fit properly before you glue them!
 If the fit looks good then proceed to glue the pieces on with whatever glue you want. I suggest a good wood glue. I personally used Titebond III.
All glued up! You may want to find a way to apply some light pressure to the glued pieces.
Once the glue is completely cured you now have a warbow arrow taper jig!

So how does this taper your arrow shafts?  Place the end of the arrow that will have the head on it in a variable speed drill.  Put the nock end of the arrow into the taper jig and start the drill. Once the nock end of the arrow reaches the end of the jig you are done!

Thank you for reading!