Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yew Trees: A look at the Pacific and European Yews

Here is a quick video I made this weekend highlighting two trees very important to English warbow archers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

American Warbow Society, Join Us!

It's a new year and many great things are happening!

Here in America there are archers from around the country coming together to form our very own warbow socitey, the American Warbow Society!  We have the support and guidance of other warbow societies from around the world including the English Warbow Society, Dutch Warbow Society and Australian Warbow Society.

The American Warbow Society, like our foreign brethren, will be a group dedicated the study, practice, and sharing of the great English warbow.  We seek to perpetuate and keep the heritage of the English warbow alive in this day an age where archery is becoming more mechanical and technological.

There are several places where you can learn more about this great Society of archers...
  • Our general email list at will keep you informed on the Society's happenings. If you are interested at all please send a quick email to this address introducing yourself.
If you are even slightly interested please email us a brief introduction at and we will keep you informed all along the way as this great Society comes together!